What people say about me

Here’s what people I work with say about me:

Reliable and a safe pair of hands – You took on the [..] responsibility and just ran with it
Herding the cats – not many can do this, but you did during the early stages and in lining up the decision making process
Solution design is a strength – you were able to get across the Feasibility, solution and requirements in a short space of time
Follow through – excellent and at times relentless
Positive behaviours and the One Team stands out — Dianne Saker, Program Director

“David is able to gain and hold the attention and respect of the business and is able to deliver in a highly effective manner where other “Architects” would struggle to get meaningful traction. I have every confidence in David and would have no hesitation in working for him or having him on my team at any time in the future.” November 29, 2009

Paul de Botton , Associate Director — Software Engineer , Macquarie Bank
worked directly with David at Macquarie Bank

“David displays has a great understanding of the IT industry and its trends while remaining practical about the use of the technology (keeping a business focus to the use of technology). David’s customers and piers all thought highly of him and recognised his ability to work well with people.” July 14, 2008

Michael Chevalier , Pre Sales Changepoint , Compuware
worked with David at Compuware

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