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Turnkey Grails

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

When I discovered Turnkey Linux, which I think is awesome, an light bulb came on about how virtual machines can be extremely useful for me.  In my work, I may switch frequently from one activity to another.  Each of these activities require a different software tool set.  In the past I would accommodate this by installing all the different tools I need onto my desktop at work.  Then, if I wanted to do some work on my home laptop, I’d find myself reinstalling the same set of tools.  Obviously this isn’t the most effective way to work.

I have never spent much time working with virtual machines because I really thought they were most useful to vendor or pre-sales guys who need to demo a complete stack of technologies without having to install them at a given site.

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Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning

December 5, 2008 Leave a comment
At work we’ve just finished our first month of live operation for a large new system.  Now that the teething problems are past, we need to be sure we understand how the system performs as it grows. 

I was hunting around for tools like Orca or Cacti which provide graphical presentation of Load vs Capacity trending over time.

This is interesting information, but it is only part of the question. While hunting I came across Adrian Cockroft’s Capaciity Planning Blog. He shared an interesting concept he picked up at eBay called time-to-live which is a function of headroom and growth.