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Planning a Trip North

August 30, 2008 Leave a comment
For a long time I’ve wanted to take a trip northwest of Sydney. North past Hunter, West past the Blue Mountains. We have some dear friends named Lynn and Jim Watt. Lynn’s brother works the family farm out by Coonabarraban which is out there. It just happens to be the closest town to the Warrumbungles which are famous for an observatory and their remoteness.
This coming school holidays I have a week off and so nows the time. I think the quickest way to get there is drive north up the Pacific Hwy and then turn west past New Castle. But I’d rather drive out west of the blue mountains and drive north from there.

We’ve been out to Orange and Dubbo before, but I want to see the country on the other side of the mountains and north.

So we can swing out west through the Blue Mountains and maybe stop off in Mudgee. Mudgee is a country town famous for wine and like most Aussie country towns, a good time. I think the right way to experience the place would be to stay in a local Hotel. I found this place – Oriental Hotel – so perhaps we can book in advance. I bet it will be noisy because there is a pub downstairs. But that’s really part of the charm.

From Mudgee it’s a long drive north to Coonabarraban and the Warrumbungle National Park. Hopefully we can get a spot to camp out in the park. Here is the link to camping – Warrumbungle NP Camping. They don’t require booking in advance, but I think that means you have to get there really early in the day. Better have a backup plan for accomodation. Maybe something in town.

seaside port macquarie resort – Google Search. That might be fun to stay at a pub style place