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Home Single Signon for Macs and PCs

July 12, 2009 Leave a comment


I have 4 kids and a wife and these days everyone wants to use a computer. I’m not going to buy 6 – so there’s going to have to be some sharing. Also, I can’t leave these things unsecured because I use OSX Parental Controls to manage how much time anyone can use a computer in a given day. I know it sounds really draconian. But it’s what you have to do with a big crowd.

What are my needs?

I’d like that when anyone logs in to any computer in the house, they get a consistent experience. Same user/password, access to their Documents and preferences set. Big ask you say? Well I hope not.

Home Server doesn’t have Single Signon

Paranoid Penguin is an article on setting up a single signon server in Linux. Reading through it I suddenly realize why this isn’t an out-of-the-box feature on the Linux Home Servers like Amahi which has many nice features and looks quite easy to setup.
Maybe I’ll see if I can’t talk the folks at Excito to add this to their Bubba Server.

Another Bubba 2 Fan

I found this Blog on setting up RAID on Bubba 2.  Something interesting.  I would like if the Bubba 2 just came with 2 drive bays in it so you have raid.

Another friend of mine

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Why no Apple Home Server?

July 11, 2009 1 comment

Recently I’ve been wanting a decent home server. I have primarily Mac’s in the house, so thought it would be great to have an OSX based box that could serve as a Home Server.

I’d like to have the usual file sharing with some kind of mirroring. Also would like network profile so that we can all login to any mac in the house and get our files and preferences. Read more…

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