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e2.0 it

July 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Yuk- I feel like I’ve just slipped into the swamp of latest coolest Web 2.0 est slime… But wait!   It’s actually cool.  Problem is, I think it’s changing so fast that whatever this  Link points at might not be there now.. wow.

But this is what I found… This fellow had a link to FriendFeed.  Friend Find is not a dating service!  It’s actually like a feed subscriber or aggregator that scans things like Twitter, for you topic and displays it.  From there you go anywhere.  I found myself looking at the Enterprise 2.0 feed he created and following links to Tweets, etc.. until I realised it was getting very late and I should be getting off to bed.  So I Tweeted and update Facebook and now I’m posting to my blog.. I better go. Good night.


What’s in a Name

December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

For many years, I’ve wanted to start my own consulting firm. One hindrance has been the selection of a name. I think maybe I was putting too much thought into the meaning of the name. So, during a recent visit to my accountant, he told me to call it anything and get on with it. Sometimes we need a little push.

So, the name is Mussoorie House.

So what is in a name?

Mussoorie is the name of our house 🙂 In Australia, it’s very common for houses to have names on them. When I bought our house, it already had a name. Mussoorie is the Queen of the Hill Stations in the Himalya of India.

Apparently the previous owners of our house was stationed in India at the time they got married and they went to Mussoorie for their honeymoon. I’d say it must have made quite an impression on them.

So what’s that go to do with Consulting?

Well – absolutely nothing. But I am trying to convince my wife Deniese to work in my company. She is a bit reluctant. So when she said, “Let’s call it Mussoorie House.” I of course agreed.

Well, that’s where then name come’s from. Perhaps my next trip to India will be tax deductable because I’ll say we need to visit the namesake of the company 🙂

Wish me luck!

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