All The Glory

Throughout my career, I have often been instrumental in the success of some very large and complex endeavors.   In most of these cases, people around me did not believe we would be successful.  In my own mind, I often could not piece together the entire solution or see the path from where we were through to success.  But yet, we’d persevere and succeed.

I believe that when you achieve things that are beyond your worldly capability, you have to give the glory to God.

Making the Proclamation

Saddly, I am typically afraid to give God all the Glory for the successes I’ve achieved.  I am happy to share with my Christian friends the fact that I believe inspirations or solutions that come to me at 4am are from God.  And I keep a notebook by my bed for just such occasions.  But I hesitate to share about my faith with colleagues at work.

But the other day, I was totally inspired by an article in the Money Magazine of all places! It was an interview of Glenn Stevens, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

“There is a God; this is worth checking out,” says Glenn Stevens, governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

Further, Glenn goes on to say:

“If you’re a Christian, God has given you certain capabilities to do a job, to earn a living,” he said.  “The Bible teaches that you should do that as if you were doing that for Him, because you are, and that’s my attitude.”

Go Glenn, you’re an inspiration!

God Answers Prayer

The most vivid memory I have of praying really hard was when I was mountain climbing in West Virginia with some friends.  In mountain climbing, you learn that once you have committed to the climb, you cannot back down.  Consequences can be dire.  But I recall being gripped with fear and my legs going into sowing machine mode which is when your muscles start to spasm and knees literally start bouncing up and down while only your toe is sticking on the rock.  It’s not nice.  I learned then that God answers prayer, because I’m here to write this.

But I also know that God answers prayer about our work as well.  I pray for the people on the team.  I pray for the company.  I pray for wisdom.  I pray for discernment and I pray for grace and patience.  I pray for vision – for words to explain how we will succeed.  I have to say, he delivers.  I frequently wake up at 4am with the action plan for the day.

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