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Resource Management e2.0 Style

Where I work, we are currently launching an initiative to create central pools of resources such as Business Analist, Testers, Architects, etc…   One of the key motivations is to preserve the skills and knowledge developed working on a project in our firm after the project is finished.

Prior to centralisation, people who were recruited for a given project would leave the company upon completion, taking their learnings with them.  The goal of the central team is to return these people to the pool from which they can be assigned to new projects rather than just leave.

E2.0 it instead of Centralise it

Thinking a bit differently, I ask, why don’t we E2.0 resource management  rather than centralise it?

What do you mean by Enterprise 2.0?

Enterprise 2.0 is basically applying Web 2.0 technology, primarily social networking, to the enterprise.   One way to learn more about E2.0 is to read a few blogs like this one.   Or look at this interesting application of e2.0 that aggregates content into a subject based feed on Enterprise 2.0.

How do I e2.0 resource management

Here is a site with 8 Tips for Successful Social Intranet Pilot to give some ideas on how to startup social networks on your intranet.

But perhaps it’s best to look at each of the aspects of resource management and review how we did it the old way and then recommend how you would do it the new way.

Social Software way

Here’s an interesting post on locating expertise in your enterprise which advocates using social media.  Pretty well supports my premise.

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