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Why no Apple Home Server?

Recently I’ve been wanting a decent home server. I have primarily Mac’s in the house, so thought it would be great to have an OSX based box that could serve as a Home Server.

I’d like to have the usual file sharing with some kind of mirroring. Also would like network profile so that we can all login to any mac in the house and get our files and preferences.

Linux Options

I have seen a few Linux distros like Amahi which is basically a file server with lots of nice features like a VPN for remote access. But it doesn’t seem to have the single sign-on / roaming profile I’m looking for.

So why not Apple?

So why doesn’t Apple package up something like the Mac Mini with a simplified Server versions of OSX and sell it as a Home Server? Well, have you heard of Mobile Me? If there was a simple home server, would you need to pay up every year for your Mobile Me account? Hmmm…

Wow I think I found it!

Bubba from Exito appears to be just what I’ve been looking for. It’s quiet and low energy use. It’s small and not ugly like a PC. Very cool.

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  1. Richard Measures
    July 28, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    You could try smeserver. Not as cool as Bubba and you’ll need some form of PC like box to run it on so it won’t be as quiet or as eco but the software is free and well supported and does do roaming profiles.

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