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Thought on Priority

Getting back on my latest theme, I want to talk about prioritising. I am currently working on enhancing our team’s task management (and project management). The crux of task management is getting the most important or highest priority tasks done first. The problem comes in when all tasks are high priority.

But where does the high priority come from? Most would solve this by asking their customer, “is this high or low priority?” And we all know the answer, don’t we.

Instead of asking our customer for the result of a complicated function, why don’t we help them out and just ask for something they do know that will help us determine the answer. This is important because priority of one task is relative to all other oustanding tasks at the time you are evaluating it not at the time of requesting work be done.

This is important because we really only need to know relative priority at a moment when there is contention for a resource. If we have no contention, then tasks get worked on immediately, don’t they?

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